Student Association

Student Association

Creativity Forum (CFR)

Creativity Forum of Ruhalaya had its origin in the mind of Rev. Fr Jose Palakeel MST, the then Dean of Studies of Ruhalaya Theologate. His initiative was taken up by the 5th btche of theologians at Ruhalaya and Bro Saji Kochuputhenpurackal became its first Secretary under the directorship of Rev. Fr Jose Palakeel. Creativity Forum helps the future priests to be creative in their own circumstances. This also helps brothers to undertake various creative activities. Now CFR flourishes under the direction of Rev. Fr Joseph G Aryankalayil and under the leadership of Bro. George Chakumgal. The Forum has its usual monthly meetings to work out and evaluate its activities. At present it has the strength of 22 brothers.


Ruhalaya Cultural and Literary Academy (RCLA)

Ruhalaya Cultural and Literary Academy (RCLA) is a stunning platform to enhance the cultural calibre of the students of Ruhalaya. Each man is as powerful as a volcano that he has a lot of talents dormant in him. Each moment of our life is to fuel and embellish our talents and abilities. RCLA is an endeavour to that same effect. It enables its blooming buds and sprouting seeds to explore new frontiers of creativity. Thus, Ruhalaya enables her priests of tomorrow, men with sturdy personalities. 

The beacon of RCLA 2011-12 was kindled by Rev. Fr Kudukamthadam MST on 26th July 2011. We were felicitated by the esteemed presence of Very Rev. Dr Peter Vattappara MST, the Rector of Ruhalaya Major Seminary, as the president of the session. The director of RCLA 2011-2012 is Rev. Fr Roy Thengumkudiyil MST. For the proper functioning of the RCLA the brothers of the first and second year batches of philosophy are divided into different groups. It is a rare opportunity to cultivate rhetoric and the gift of the gab. Speeches are in English and Hindi in the first and second semester respectively. This surely enables the students to speak eloquently in public. On each session one group will come up with enthralling items such as rattle talk, mono act, mimicry, role play etc. RCLA also conducts debates every year on all relevant social, religious and political issues.


Ruhalaya Hindi Samiti

Ruhalaya Hindi Samiti is an association of Ruhalaya Philosophy Students who were passionately in love with Hindi language and who appreciated the rich and ancient literature of the same. For every academic year new office bearers are elected for the smooth running and ongoing of the association. The purpose is to provide platforms for the students to master over the language and become effective communicators. In the spirit of St. Paul who became all things to all people, the members of the Hindi Samiti will identify themselves with the people of our field and activity. The members will learn the local language thoroughly, study the mentality and culture of the people and adapt themselves to the given situation. Social transformation being a slow process, lack of tangible and visible effects will not discourage us.

Aims and objects of the association

To provide more opportunities to the members to appreciate the richness of Hindi language, to make Hindi language richer, to meet all people through the medium of Hindi language to so as to actualize their talents, capabilities and broaden their personalities for a successful ministry in the effective proclamation of the Gospel. 

Home Herald

Home Herald is the wall magazine of philosophy section. It is an ingenious medium to reinforce and reverberate the inspiring thoughts and ideas of brothers deep within them. It leaves the students brimming with joy to see their talents developed, edified and full-fledged. Students get chances to prove their literary, artistic and intellectual abilities through this magazine.

Home herald has its issue on every Sunday. At the end of the academic year, we collect the articles and art works and put them together to bring out a manuscript. It is directed by the literary in-charge of the seminary in collaboration with the student editors. It brings colour and beauty to the daily activities of the seminary because there are a lot of materials which make us think, laugh and appreciate. This small endeavour develops the unity and service among the brothers. And it also reveals the mental landscape of the students.


Horizon is the wall magazine of the theology section through which students are given ample opportunities to develop their skills and talents in many and varied ways such as writing, painting, making cartoons etc. Students are taking interest to reach their inborn potentialities at intervals with the present scenarios updated. On important occasions like feast days and public days it serves and reminds the community about the history and the importance of the day . ‘Horizon’, as the name stands is to open the way to new horizon of skills and talents which really helps everyone’s knowledge, attitude and aptitude.

Sports And Games

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Mental and physical health are inter-related. .It is also a matter of overwhelming exaltation that Ruhalaya has always been held high by her young ones in the field of sports and games. They proved themselves competent in the fields of sports and games by making use of all the opportunities given to them. It is a matter of pride that experts are made available to give special coaching to our students in games. Ruhalaya conducts various tournaments like Challengers Cup, Thrillers Cup etc. Matches are also arranged and conducted between other seminaries and clubs. It helps the students to achieve a healthy mind a positive attitude and positive mental outlook. Hence for this you need to get rid of the pessimistic approach in life and focus on the positive side of everything. 


Ruhavibes has its origin in the mind of Rev. Fr Manoj Parackal MST, the vice Rector of Ruhalaya Theologate. His initiative was taken up by the  theologians at Ruhalaya. Ruhavibes helps to share the joy of gospel through the most modern media to the was offficially inagurated on 1st of December  2019 by Rev Fr.Chandy Kalathoor,Rector Ruhalaya Major seminary..

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